Driving Through the Heavens

Screenplay: Kiyomune Miwa / Storyboards: Pyoungkang Heo / Stage Production: Kyohei Yamamoto, Matsuo Asami, Takahito Sakazume / Chief Director of Animation: Hidekazu Ebina / Directors of Animation: Toshiya Kouno, Sachiko Tsuji, Hidekazu Ebina, Tokiemon Futsuzawa, Kohei Yamazaki, Toshiya Yamamura, Shinnu Suga, Yukei Yamada, Hiker Hosozawa
Leaving Millennia Citadel behind, each prepares for their final battle at the Hanging Gardens. Jeanne d'Arc worries about Sieg heading towards the Gardens together with Rider of Black Astolfo. Once again, she warns him that having Saber of Black Siegfried possess him was a miracle with a cost to pay. Meanwhile, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada approaches the Greater Grail to fulfill his own wish of salvation of humanity...