Eternal Radiance

Screenplay: Kiyomune Miwa / Storyboards and Stage Production: Yuito Matsubayashi / Chief Director of Animation: Tomoko Sudo / Directors of Animation: Chiaki Kosumi, Rie Usui, Kohei Yamazaki, Yusuke Kurinishi, Soji Noma, Takehiro Miura, Yukiko Takesa
Previously eradicated Saber of Black answers Sieg's determination and returns to the battlefield once more by possessing his body...Saber of Red is initially bewildered, but with Shishigou’s aid engages against Sieg, who has physically transformed into Saber of Black. Meanwhile, the battle between the Lancers of Red and Black quickly heats up, as both Servants firmly hold their grounds. Watching the two fight, Master Darnic begins his ploys to fulfill his own wishes...