Jack the Ripper

Screenplay: Kiyomune Miwa / Storyboards: Kenichi Imaizumi / Stage Production: Michiru Itabisashi / Chief Director of Animation: Hidekazu Ebina / Directors of Animation: Chiaki Kosumi, Rie Usui, Tomoki Hara, Osamu Kobayashi, Hikaru Hosozawa
As the assault on the Hanging Gardens approaches, Sieg collapses from a sudden burst of intense pain. Chiron reveals the price that Sieg is paying for his miracles, as he continues to fight as Siegfried...With no time to heal, Jack the Ripper, who had been in hiding, resumes her hideous attacks on Mages. Fiore, who sees the situation as dire, asks Ruler Jeanne d'Arc for her support.